333 Business Ideas…

333 Business Ideas!





Here, by popular request, are 333 business ideas.

Questions to bear in mind whilst going through this list are;

  • is this something I’d love to do even if it made no money (you need passion) NB: this is hypothetical, whatever you do, dont start a business if it won’t make money!
  • am I passionate  enough about this to sell the service to strangers? (you will need to sell to last more than a few months, and not just to your family and friends!)
  • is this something I know something about – or could learn quickly to a good level (you need knowledge, not necessarily expert level, but enough for someone who knows less than you to pay you to do it for them)
  • is this something I need qualifications or certification for? (you need to be legal!)

If you find something that starts to blossom layers of buzzing ideas in your head and heart – the next stage is to pull together a One Page Plan.  This is a quickie Business Plan which will help you see clearly whether this idea will work for you.  Email me if you want any help with this 🙂

2.Adventure Tourism
3.Advertising Agency
4.Advertising Copywriter
5.Advertising Specialty Sales
6.Aerobics Classes
7.Amusement Rides, Inflatable
8.Animal Behaviour Consultant
9.Answering Service
10.Antique and Collectibles Dealer
11.Antique Book and Magazine Dealer
12.Appliance Repair
14.Art Consultant
15.Art Gallery
16.Artist, Freelance
17.Artist Management
18.Art Restoration
19Assembling Products e.g. flatpack

21.Baby Handprint and Footprint Bronzing Service
22.Baby Proofing Service
23.Baby Shoe Bronzing Service
24.Balloon Animals
25.Balloon Decorating
26.Balloon Rides
27.Basketball Tournaments
28.Baskets, Specialty
30.Beauty Consultant
31.Bed and Breakfast
32.Bicycle Repair
33.Bill Auditing Service
34.Birthday Greeting Service
35.Blind Cleaning
36.Bookkeeping Service
37.Braille Transcribing
38.Building/Home Inspection Service
39.Bulletin Board Advertising Service
40.Bumper Stickers
41.Business Broker
42.Business Consultant
43.Business Financing Service
44.Business Network Organiser
45.Business Plan Consultant
46.Business Plan Writer

48.Cabinet Making
49.Cake Decorating
51.Candle Making
52.Car or Van, Using to Make Money
54.Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
58.Cheese Making
59.Childbirth Instructor
60.Children’s Clothes
61.Children’s Transportation Service / Walking Bus / Afterschool Care
62.Chimney Sweep
63.Cleaning, House/Offices
64.Cleaning Broker
65.Cleaning Service
66.Clothing and Accessories Design
69.Coin Dealer
70.Collection Agency
71.Colour Consultant
73.Commercial Artist
75.Computer Animator
76.Computer Consultant
77.Computer Data Back-Up Service
78.Computer Programmer
79.Computer Repair
80.Computer Training
81.Computer Tutor for Children
82.Concert Promotion
83.Construction Management Consultant
85.Consultant, Wedding
86.Contractor Referral Service
87.Cooking School
88.Coupons Organiser
89.Copy Service
91.Cosmetics Sales
92.Costume Design
93.Crafts Instructor
94.Craft Supplies Catalog
95.Credit and Debt Counselling Service

96.Dance Instructor
96.Breakfast Club
97.Designer Pet Houses
98.Desktop Publishing
99.Dinner Delivery Service
100.Direct Sales
101.Dog Trainer, Walker
104.Dried Floral Arrangements
105.Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery Service

106.Employee Trainer
107.Employment Agency
108.Engineering Consultant
109.Errand Service
110.Event Management
111.Event Planner
112.Executive Search
113.Export Agent
115.Ezine Publishing

117.Family Tree Researcher
118.Filing Systems
119.Financial Advisor
120.Financial Planner
121.Fish Tank/Bird Cage Maintenance and Sales
122.Fitness Trainer
123.Floral Arrangements
124.Framing (Picture) Service
125.Franchise Consultant
126.Franchise Owner
127. Freelance Photographer
128.Freelance Writer
130.Furniture Restoration and Refurbishment

131.Garage Sales / Promotion
132.Garden Consultant
135.Ghost Writer
136.Gift Baskets
137.Gourmet Jam
138.Grant Proposal Consultant /Writer
139.Greeting Cards
140.Greeting Card Sending Service
141.Grocery Shopping Service

143.Handmade Soaps
144.Handyman/woman Service
145.Hauling Service
146.Healthcare Consultant
148.Herb and Spice Business
149.Herb Gardener
150.Home Accessories Sales
151.Home Business Consultant
152.Home Decorating
153.Home Furnishings
154.Home-Made Foods
155.Home Maintenance
156.Home Office Organiser
157.Home Organiser
158.Home Plan Designer
159.Home Security Consultant
160.Horse Exerciser
161.Household Management
163.House Sitting Registry / House-Sitting Service
164. “How-To” Videos
165.Human Resources Consultant

166.Image Consultant
167. Import/Export
168.Indoor Environmental Tester
170.Insurance Sales
171.Internet Consultant
172.Interior Decorating
173.International Consultant
174.Internet Marketing
175.Internet Recruiting
176.Internet Service Provider
178.Inventory Taping Service
179.Invitation Printing

180.Jewellry – Design/Produce

181.Lamaze Instructor
182.Landscaping Consultant / Service
183.Laundry Service
184.Lawn Maintenance
185.Lawn Mower and Motor Repair
186.Lawn Sign Rentals
187.Legal Transcription Service
188.Limousine Service
198.Lingerie Sales
199.Home Locating Service
202.Mailing List Service
203.Mail House
204.Make-Up Artist
205.Management Consultant
207.Marketing Consultant
208.Market Research
209.Massage Therapy
210.Matchmaker Service
211.Meals for Handicapped
212.Medical Office Consultant
213.Medical Transcription Service
214.Meeting and Event Planner
215.Menu Planner
217.Mini-blind Cleaning Service
218.Mobile Car Wash/Valet Service
219.Disc Jockey
220.Mobile Pet Groomer
221.Mobile Puppet Theatre
222.Moving Service
224.Music Lessons
225.Mystery Shopper

226.Nanny Finding Service
227.Nature Hikes Guide
228.New Media/Multimedia Production
229.New-Mum Care/Helper
230. Newsletter Publishing
231.Newspaper Clipping Service
232.Office Organizer
233.Office Plant Care
234.Office Support Service
235.Online Internet Training
236.Online Newspaper
237.Online Researcher/Abstractor
238.Online Retailer
239.Outdoor Adventures

240.Packing/Unpacking Service
250.Painting / Decorating
251.Paper Recycling
253.Party Catering
254.Party Planner
255.Payroll Service
256.Personal Chef
257.Personalised Stationery
258.Personal Shopper
259.Pet Breeding
260.Pet Food and Supplies Delivery
261.Pet Grooming Service
262.Pet Hotel
263.Pet Photography Service
264.Pet Products
265.Pet Show Business
266.Pet Sitting/Home-Care Service
267.Petting Zoo Owner
268.Pet Transportation /Pet Walking
269.Photos to Video, Transferring
271.Piano Tuner
272.Plant Nursery
274.Pool Cleaning
275.Portrait and Wedding Photography
276.Portrait Artist
277.Potted Plants
278.Pregnancy Fitness Class
279.Private Investigator
280.Product Development Consultant
281.Professional Organiser
283.Property Consultant
284.Public Relations Agency
285.Public Relations Specialist
286.Public Speaker

287.Recipe Collections
288.Relocation Consultant
289.Reminder Service
291.Restaurant Booking Service
291.Restaurant Delivery Service
292.Reunion Organiser
294.Risk Management Consultant
295.Roommate Finding Service
296.School Photographer
297.Secretarial Service
298.Self-Improvement Seminars
300.Sign Language Interpreter
303.Small Business Consultant
304.Software Trainer
305.Speakers Agency
307.Time Management Consultant
308.Tour Guide
310.Transcription Services
311.Travel Agency
312.T-Shirt Design
313.Tupperware Sales
315.TV Repair
316.Typing Service

317.Using Your Car or Van to Make Money
318.Vending Machine Business
319.Vitamin/Nutrition/Weight Loss Product Sales
320.Voice Over

321.Website Design
322.Website Development
323.Web Hosting Services
324.Web Marketing
325.Wedding Consultant
326.Wedding Coordinator
327.Wedding Planner
328.Wedding Video Service
329.Welcoming Service
330.Window Washing Service
331.Workshops, Seminars and
332.Writing Press Releases

333.Writing Blogs (With Advertising)

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