There’s A Pulse (It’s Called Hope)


When my daughter was born the looks of panic on the doctors’ face made it clear what they were thinking: stillborn.

We prayed, we cried and then we cried out in prayer as a tornado of activity ensued as they began to do what
they were trained to do.

As they worked to revive our baby girl I stared at her and just tried to drink her all in:




I glanced over at a very nervous-looking student midwife who glanced back at me before flitting her eyes immediately away.  There was nothing to say.

Within seconds, which felt like hours, the sweetest three words you could ever hear: There’s a pulse.

Suddenly the mission was clear.

Hope belted into the hearts of everyone in the room, a relentless tsunami of determination.

God had done his bit. We must do the rest.  Apparatus is applied, years of medical school training fully employed and the desperate prayers of love-filled parents fill the room.

We all have dreams that seemed to inexplicably evaproate and vanish. We all have hopes and desire which somehow, in the transition to birth lost their way.

Stop thinking it’s over. Refuse to believe that it’s a lost cause. Don’t give in to thinking it’s a bad lot and walk away.  This is very moment where God says to you today, and every morning you wake up with breath; there’s a pulse.

There is hope.  He has done His bit – now do yours.

It’s not enough just to pray.   It’s not enough to sit with eyes screwed up tight pushing your faith up to the sky.  You’ve got to get moving.  You’ve got to apply the equipment, switch on the lights and get to work.  Use the apparatus to hand.

What have you got beside you to bring those dreams to life? Who do you have there to help you, guide you and keep you on track? Draw them closer, work together. What training and skills do you have tucked away?  What do you know and understand and can use to shape your path to get you moving again?  Everything you need to begin this dream-revival is within your reach.

Don’t go running off down corridors looking for answers. YOU are the answer and it’s happening here, it’s happening right now. You get just one life. One journey but many chances to try again.

Start now – push doors, apply knowledge, hunker down, sleeves up and start grafting.

How wonderful and miraculous it is to see something which seemed so hopeless come to life.   How inspiring to know that God revives, He provides the pulse, He gives the Hope.

I stare at my little Dream-Revival today; she is strong, rosy and noisy!

Consider your dream, smile and remember, when it seems like hope is lost: There’s a pulse.

(Thanks to Adele Miles Photography, Australia).

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