It’s Time To Start Stopping

Start Stopping..

Start Stopping..

How many times have you found yourself doing something that wasn’t essential, wasn’t your true responsibility and thinking to yourself ‘why on earth am I doing this? I hate it!’.It’s time to start stopping.

Stop letting a misguided sense of obligation tie up all your time in things that are stealing your joy.

Life is too short and we know it in our heads, but do we show it in our schedule?

Let’s strip out some of those black dots on our emotional calendar.

It’s time to stop doing those things we are not meant to be doing.

It’s time to let go of the things we are choosing to do purely to feel needed.

It’s time to face up to those things we wish we had said ‘No’ to.

It’s time to spend less of ourselves on those people that drain us.

It’s time to refuse the responsibilities that belong to someone else.

It’s time to make space for doing more of what we love.

Stop being cajoled into that regular night out with people who leave you feeling empty and fed-up. Be otherwise engaged.

Stop doing those chores around the home which your kids are more than capable of helping you with. Teach them how.

Stop volunteering to help with something at work or in the community when you don’t enjoy it. Your resentment shows.

You are already aware of several things that you need to start stopping.

Pick one.
Decide enough is enough.
Agree with yourself today that it is over.
Ask a trusted friend or your partner to support your decision.

Plan your exit and stick to your guns.

Don’t be worn down when they start to pile on emotional blackmail because this is for their benefit too:

They don’t need a friend that doesn’t really enjoy their company.
They don’t need a reluctant volunteer.
They don’t want a resentful partner.
They can’t rely on an exhausted employee.

You will never regret the day you decided to start stopping.

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