Clutter Bust

It's more than just clutter... it's stress in material form!

It’s more than just clutter… it’s stress in material form!











You would be happier without certain relationships, many of your thoughts and most of your possessions.

Let’s start with the possessions clear out. This is going to be a really practical exercise, so get your camera, pen & notebook ready.
We start by simply identifying the Zones in your home – and your car, and office..

List the 12 key zones in your life. Here are mine:
1. Kitchen 2. Hall 3. Porch 4. Lounge 5. Home Office 6. Music Area 7. Patio 8. Work Bag 9. Bedroom 10. Bathroom 11. Car 12. Office Desk

Each of these zones has to work for you. They are high-use hot-spots and when they are disorganised the stress flows. It may be a zone the whole family trundle through a hundred times a day (like my Hall where bags, coats, shoes, mail and sundries make it look like an explosion in a jumble sale) or it could be your bedroom which resembles a Chinese laundry rather than a peaceful sanctuary. For me, my work bag gets quickly full of junk to the point that finding my keys in the rain outside my front-door becomes a major trauma!
Let’s just work on just one right now.
1. Take your Before photo

2. Make an inventory list of what absolutely needs to be in the zone

3. Now put a star against items that need to be in there but not on display. Strip it all right back to the must-haves. {This will show you any additional storage you need for this zone.}

4. Redesign the zone in it’s ‘bare essentials’ mode and enjoy the space, calm and practical solution YOU have just created.

5. Take your After photo.

6. Enjoy the difference. Remember this feeling.

This is Life Change on a tiny, but vital scale. Whyis it important? We can’t think clearly if our environment is in chaos, we can’t be productive if we are constantly loosing things we need, we can’t maximise the time we have if it’s being wasted on battling a mess.  Simple, organized zones in our sanctuary (aka our home) is the foundation of successful Life Changing.

Upload your Before & After photo to to inspire others.
I guarantee that you will love the belly-deep satisfaction which will spur you on to do more.
Don’t let this wash over you or pass you by.
Grab your camera now and go get that Before photo!

3 responses to “Clutter Bust

    • Hi Tabitha, thanks for taking the time to say Hi!
      I totally believe that the clutter around us is a reflection of the clutter in us.
      I’m intrigued by the whole ‘minimalism’ movement. Not that I think true minimalism is a desirable end goal, particularly when we have kids, but it has taught me a lot about evaluating what we, as a family, really value – and is hugely reducing our clutter! I will be sure to read your Blog 🙂
      Ps. I’d love you to join us on the ‘Life Change Exchange’ Facebook page – your insights would be a wonderful addition to our growing community 🙂

      • Minimalism intrigues me, too. It just seems far too out of reach for my personal goal list, if you know what I mean. Hope to chat some more. -Tabitha

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