Life’s Too Short For Ironing

There really is no such thing as time management – none of us have the ability to ‘manage’ time, but we can develop the skill of doing more of what we love to do, and less of what we don’t.

So on that note; here are 10 things that life is way, way too short for:

1. Ironing Seriously, whittle it down to things that really matter: interview outfits, school uniforms (although Plan A is to buy the non-iron stuff), romantically crispy bedsheets and summery linen trousers. Job done.

2. Worrying If it wont matter a year from now, it doesn’t really matter now. Pack it away, kick it out of your field of thought and move on. Worrying solves nothing and changes nothing but your blood pressure. It’s bad news. If there’s a problem: consult, learn, act. Do not worry.

3. Spending Time with Idiots. If someone makes you feel bored, stupid, guilty, sad, inadequate, unloveable or unloved – body-swerving IS allowed, actually, body-swerving is recommended.

4. Buying Designer. Who knows who you’re wearing and who actually cares? Dress the way that makes you feel good – not the people who mark up clothes by 700% just because their logo is snazzy.

5. Getting Old. Don’t stop dancing like a maniac to that song that makes you feel good, breaking your plans to do something spontaneous, rolling down a grassy hill or blowing a raspberry now and then. When was the last time someone said you were behaving like a big kid (in a complimentary way)?

6. Staying In A Job You Hate. If there mere thought of Monday morning makes you break out in sweats – get online, get your CV jazzed up and get a new job. The grass is usually greener. Don’t sit in the manure complaining about the stink – get up and move.

7. Missing Bedtime Stories With Your Kids. Be there, and be ALL there. Give your little ones your full attention for these precious fleeting moments. Sing silly songs, make up your own, teach them to pray and be thankful for their day. These moments are flying past in the blink of an eye. Even when they are past the story-telling age, give them the same time and attention.

8. Spending an Hour Scrubbing a Pan That You Can Replace for $5 . This is not about skillets, it’s about the principle – time is too precious to be stubborn. What value do you place on 1 hour of your finite life? Have you ever thought about what you are ‘worth’ per hour? Prioritise what you spend time on.

9. Making Your Own Pastry/Sauce/Pasta/Curry etc. Now, making your own bread has a certain soul-enrichment aspect, so we’ll allow that. Again, it’s the principle. Good quality ready-made produce can create a faster, nutritious meal that doesn’t leave you too crabby and exhausted to actually enjoy eating with your family. We aim for 4 totally fresh meals and 3 quickie, cheating ready-made meals a week. Give yourself a break.

10. Doing It All By Yourself. Live your life in community. It can be so hard to find and build meaningful friendship but you can seek out like-minded individuals via the Web, Facebook groups and Blogs like this! Share the life-load by continually assessing the responsibilities you carry for your family. Keep learning ways to make your life simpler, easier and smarter and share your discoveries with your family so that they can play their part.

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