The Sense Seeker

I am one half of a fabulous marriage with a wonderfully generous, thoughtful, kind and gorgeous husband.

I am the humble caretaker of two of God’s most beautiful children; one young boy, one baby girl.

I am a member of a church family who are continuously evolving and have the grace to let me travel the road alongside them.

I am the friend to a number of precious, quirky, intelligent, loving and unique friends who don’t seem too put off by my own quirky ways.

I am a staff member of a large national organisation and proud to work for a company always striving to do their best.

I am hopelessly inspired by the strangest things; motorway driving, cleaning and stationery.

Welcome To The Sense Seeker’s Blog.

2 responses to “The Sense Seeker

  1. Hi Ali

    Incase I don’t get the chance to chat on Sunday – I’m loving your blog – really inspiring! Latest blog got me thinking I need to phone and e-mail friends more!

    God bless – see you Sunday

    Susy x

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